CV. Anugrah Muranamaru Jaya


Who does not know what the trolley function is. Trolley has indeed become an absolute necessity in the smooth running of human work. Before the trolley, the system of lifting and transferring items from one place to another was very bad. To lift things that are very heavy, humans do it by carrying or puddling these items so that they can be placed in the desired place. The trolley is still included in the manual transfer system, it is because the trolleys are fully driven manually by human hands (not machines). "Making Trolley itself is very diverse, including there are made of wood, iron, steel, stainless steel (stainless steel). Usually trolley-trolley with wood materials, widely used to transport goods non food. This type of trolley is widely used in hotels and other lodging places. ! usually, this wooden trolley is used to transport clothes or towels to hotel customers. The second trolley is trolley with iron material. "The choice of iron material is not separated from the construction of the trolley itself which looks much stronger when compared to wood material, of course it can not be doubted if this trolley can transport goods with high capacity." Amun once again, besides the advantages there will be weaknesses. iron is a trolley that is more quickly undergoing the corrosion process, and will slowly make trolley construction become fragile. Stainless steel trolley may be the right choice for those of you who want a good quality trolley, anti-corrosion and termite, sturdy, and certainly will last much longer if compared to other trolley uses, in addition to better construction problems, stainless trolley has a design that is far more elegant compared to other types of trolley.

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