CV. Anugrah Muranamaru Jaya


Stacker is a large tool used to organize coal that comes through conveyors to the stockpile. While the reclaimer serves to take coal from the stockpile to the conveyor and then transport it to the PLTU. Stacker & reclaimer can transport 1000 tons per hour of coal. The coal is supplied to Paiton PLTU units 5 & 6, each of which has a capacity of 640 MW at a maximum electric load.

Hand Stacker or commonly called Hand Forklift is a conveyor that is designed to move while being able to lift loads with a certain capacity and lift height. Using a hydroulis work system that is operated by manual pumping when rising down the load on wooden or plastic pallets. Adjustable fork / fork design (adjustable width) makes this conveyor can be easily used for all types of pallet. Its use is also considered very efficient to facilitate operators in terms of transferring and structuring goods in factories, warehouses, shops, expeditions, etc.

Usually this tool is very often used in the world of industry, because in the industrial sector there is very often a large capacity transportation of goods which is impossible if transported manually by human power. Besides this tool can save operational costs because with this tool the work becomes easier, lighter, and time saving. The operation of the tool can also be done with just one person. This lifting tool has an ergonomic design, made from sturdy, and the price is also economical. We sell hand forklifts in the form of ready stock with capacities ranging from 1 Ton to 2 Ton and lift height from 1.6 Meters to 5 Meters.

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