CV. Anugrah Muranamaru Jaya

Scissor Lift


Scissor lifts are tools for working at heights especially in projects, tall buildings, installation of highway lights, installing ceilings, glass, painting etc ...
up and down and maneuvers are operated with the battery and hydraulic pump

Electric Ladder SCISSOR LIFT is a lifting tool with a working mechanism in the form of scissors. The specialty of this one tool is that it has a wider platform size so that it can lift 1-2 operators at once. The platform can be operated up and down vertically full electrically powered hydraulically with a sophisticated security system that allows each operator to easily complete all activities above the height without worrying about danger. Additional safety features that can be found on each platform, namely the brake, stop button, and alarm that can make the platform will automatically decrease slowly when an error occurs. In addition this tool is also equipped with a variety of tilt sensors, including a load detection sensor that automatically makes the plaform will not rise when the load exceeds the limit

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