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Stair Climbing Sack Truck
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Specification of

Stair Climbing Sack Truck

used as a conveyance of goods designed specifically using a star WHEEL in order to be able to transport goods through the stairs at the location of factories, offices, warehouses, shops and others.

Before we introduced this climbing ladder, most people were very difficult to move things that were quite heavy and many upstairs through the stairs. We were fortunate to be able to provide a solution for transporting a lot of goods using this Roda Bintang Hand Truck because there was no need to waste energy many of which are very troublesome.

we present a solution to save energy while saving costs for moving goods easily and practically.

STAIRS CLIMBING SACK TRUCK tools specifically carry goods or loads to go up and down stairs very easily, practically and safely. This is also designed for good and perfect use for rough terrain roads, and this tool is very durable and strong because it is made with EUROPEAN standardized materials, guaranteed to be strong and durable.

SACK TRUCK CLIMBING STAIRS are capable of lifting loads up to 200 kg, and are made very safe and lightweight with dimensions of Length 1300 mm and Width of 460 mm. Deck size 300 x 220 mm, WHEEL Size 160 x 40 mm. Using Rubber Wheels.

We provide Spare Parts and Technicians who are reliable in overcoming obstacles that you experience when there is damage.

Goods Transporting Machine

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