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Stackers Platform Hidrolik Manual
Stackers Platform Hidrolik Manual
Stackers Platform Hidrolik Manual
Stackers Platform Hidrolik Manual
Stackers Platform Hidrolik Manual
Stackers Platform Hidrolik Manual
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08 Sep 2020
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Manual Hydraulic Platform Stackers

Manual Mobile Hydraulic Stacker provides a safe and efficient tool for lifting and stacking pallets and other material items. Each Manual Hydraulic Stacker is designed to lift and transport pallets and is ideal for lowering truck loads at facilities without loading docks.

• Capacity: 2,200 lbs / 3,300 lbs *
• Platform dimensions: 30 ″ L x 32 ″ W
• Min. Platform Height: 6 ″
• max. Platform Height: 63 63/63 ″ / 98 ″ / 118 ″
• Down Mast Height: 78 ″ / 78 ″ / 71.85 ″ / 81.7 ″
• Height of Lift Mast: 78 ″ / 78 ″ / 119.68 ″ / 139.37 ″
• Base Leg (I.D. / O.D.): 28 ″ / 34 ″
• Front Roller: 5 ″ (EMS22NFP-63: 2 ″)
• Steer Caster He: 7 ″
• Weight (lbs.): 490/580/665/715

* Model: EMS33NFP-63

• Heavy Duty Steel Construction
• High Quality Coat Powder Finish Paint
• Hand or Foot Pump Operation
• Mechanical Parking Brake
• Light / Compact for easy maneuverability

In this modern era, there are very many uses of hand stacker in industrial activities, in the world of industry, the use of Hand Forklift - another name for this tool - is very familiar. This tool is a tool with a hydraulis work system that is functioned in the activities of the transfer, appointment and arrangement of production in a company. Hand Stacker has 3 types of use of the hydroulis work system, which is operated manually pumping when rising and lowering loads and transferring loads on wooden or plastic pallets, done semi-electrically using electric power when rising fork down and manually when advancing the tool, and the last one is done in full electrically when it rises and downs the fork as well as when moving or pushing back the tool. Adjustable fork / fork design (adjustable width) makes this conveyor can be easily used for all types of pallet.

Hand Stacker is often used in the industrial world such as in factories which often occur in large-capacity goods transportation activities which are impossible if manually transported by human power. In addition to making the work easier and more time-saving, the hand stacker can also save on operational costs, and the operation of the tool can be done even if only with one operator. This lifting tool has an ergonomic design, made from sturdy, and the price is also economical.

We have 4 types of Hand Stacker namely: Stacker Manual, Semi Electric Stacker, Electric Stacker, and Straddle Stacker.

Stacker Manual Using pumping manually with the mechanism of hydraulic work when lifting loads on the fork / fork and when moving back and forth / moving the tool. Manual Stacker is available in capacities of 1 Ton to 2 Tons. With a lift height of 1.6 to 3 meters.

Goods Transport Machine ...

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