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Personal Platform Cargo dengan Forklift
Personal Platform Cargo dengan Forklift
Personal Platform Cargo dengan Forklift
Personal Platform Cargo dengan Forklift
Personal Platform Cargo dengan Forklift
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Sell Personal Platform Cargo dengan Forklift

Specification of Personal Platform Cargo dengan Forklift

Personal Cargo Platform with Forklifts

Forklift Maintenance Forklifts or Personal Working Platforms are used as a place for workers who are safe and comfortable to work. Maintenance / arranging / retrieving goods at a height that is in a joint with a Forklift fork

The personal platform is designed in the form of a basket conditioned as a place where workers are in a basket that will perform tasks at height, this unit is paired with a forklift as a carrier for the Personal Working Platform.

very much of its use, this tool is very helpful for workers in the field as access to work at a very safe height, this tool is very suitable in the work of Maintenance of Lights, Ceiling and other tasks that are in a high position. The unit is not too big to be designed for only 1 and 2 people, specifically as a tool that is paired with a Forklift or with Counter Balance Forklift or with Reach Truck or similar equipment.

Personal Working Platform is equipped with a safety device such as Spring to open the entrance with a safety hook, and use the locking pin and SAFETY chain to the fork. On the floor (floor) the platform uses anti-slippery by using a drainage hole that has been adjusted to the recommendations of occupational health & safety guidelines English Standard PM28 & GN48
Portable body, can be folded, easily assembled and can be taken anywhere.
This product is also available in 2 Models, Models FMP30A and FMP30B (Model FMP30A Lifting 300 kg Body Size 950 x 950 mm, Height 2180 mm) (Model FMP30B Lifting power 300 kg, Body size 1200x100 mm, Height 2180 mm) For FMP30A models intended for 1 person and FMP30B model for 2 passengers. And the Lerbar Fork Size is 600/690 mm, can adjust the Standrad Forklift width.

Other Safety Equipment.

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