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Epoxy Floor Paint Service
Epoxy Floor Paint Service
Epoxy Floor Paint Service
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Specification of

Epoxy Floor Paint Service

Epoxy paint is thicker and stickier than ordinary paint, usually the applicator uses a special roll to make it smooth at finish. When applying to a surface in a wet area such as a bathroom, it is necessary to add silica sand to help cover the glossy surface, this is to prevent the floor from becoming slippery when wet, a similar application method applies to painting the pool.

Epoxy Floors Suitable For:

• Residential home

• Office room

• Hospital

• Warehouse

• Factory

• Kitchen

• Hangars

• Parking area

• Laboratory

• etc.

Benefits of Epoxy Floors:

• Hold steel wheel traffic

• No need to replace existing concrete floors

• Easy application

• Anti slip

• Chemical resistance

• Friction resistant

• Dustproof

• shiny

• Resistant to heat

• Reflects light

• Easy maintenance.

One type of epoxy floor paint system

Epoxy Mortar

Epoxy Mortar is a type of epoxy floor system that is the strongest of the available epoxy floor systems. Epoxy mortar consists of 100% epoxy solids combined with silica sand or quartz sand. This Epoxy Mortar is an epoxy floor system that is very sturdy, resistant to impact, chemical resistant, and very durable. This epoxy floor system is also very effective for repairing old floors that are perforated, can also be used as a leveling to reduce the surface of the concrete floor that is uneven or bumpy. This epoxy floor system with Epoxy Mortar is usually applied to thicknesses between 3 - 10 mm.

Epoxy Epoxy Mortar flooring system is suitable to be applied in: plant manufacturing, mechanical rooms, warehouses, commercial kitchens, garages, and service areas where often heavy equipment such as forklife.

For a more detailed explanation, please read the article that discusses specifically about the Epoxy floor Epoxy Mortar system

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