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Electric Aerial Order Picker with battery
Electric Aerial Order Picker with battery
Electric Aerial Order Picker with battery
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12 Sep 2019
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Electric Aerial Order Picker with battery

Electric stairs or electric stairs can have various types, shapes, sizes, functions and advantages - different advantages, one type of which is the electric Aerial Order Picker ladder, this type has 2 variations which are operated semi-electrically and there are also which is full electric, this tool can be operated even by one person for operational activities such as in factories, warehouses, workshops, elevator portals, supermarkets, and other narrow spaces to carry out operational activities and take items on high shelves quickly, easily and right.

The lift height that can be achieved by this electric ladder can reach between 2.7 meters to 3.5 meters with a capacity limited to 200 kg - 300 kg or equivalent to the weight of one to two operators. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use in any area such as indoor and outdoor even though the floor is sloping. The use of this tool is considered very efficient in helping to help with any problems related to access reaching a height that cannot be reached manually. Although this tool has an electrical system using a machine, but this tool does not cause pollution and noise, as well as when not used this tool is also easily stored.

The Aerial Order Picker Electric Ladder can be easily operated even though only with one operator equipped with safety buttons that are in accordance with standard safety and have passed the CE certificate, the tool has been equipped with an emergency button to stop automatically when an error occurs or damage the equipment in certain parts there is a battery charging indicator, capable of being operated electrically, equipped with an alarm that shows the voltage indicator, there are two brakes and two brake pads and has an ergonomic and lightweight design making the electric ladder easy and simple to use anywhere and anytime.

We CV. Anugrah Muranamaru Jaya (AMJ) sell Electric Aerial Order Picker Products Model: ZDYT3-3.

Certified and Official Guaranteed Electric Aerial Order Picker, available Flashlight Service and reliable Mechanical power and Genuine Spare Parts.

The Electric Aerial Order Picker is designed to use an electric system with a Full electric working system and its use is as a personal lift to lift 1 person, this tool is operated by controlling buttons to set up and down and run it.

We guarantee the Order Picker lift if there is damage to Spare Parts and Electric Systems for 1 year.

Specifications of Electric Aerial Order Picker Model: ZDYT3-3:

Max. Platform Height: 3,000 mm
Max. Machine Height: 4,450 mm
Capacity: 300 kg
Platform Size: P.600 x L.640 mm
Min. Turning Radius: 1,500 mm
Driving motor: 2x24 / 0.4-0.5v / kw
Lifting motor: 24/2 v / kw
Aneroid Battery: 2x12 / 100 v / Ah
Charger: 24/20 v / A
Overall Length: 1,550 mm
Overall Width: 700 mm
Overall Height: 1,950 mm
Weight: 574 kg.
For needs that are not available we will Indent.

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