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Epoxy Floor Paint Self leveling
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Epoxy Floor Paint Self leveling

Self Leveling epoxy floor paint is the most widely used, but cannot be applied on new concrete floors. Self Leveling floor epoxy systems are usually applied to old concrete floors or cracked floors to make them smooth and smooth so that they are easy to maintain on the floor.

The self-leveling epoxy floor system is available in various color choices. Colors are used to form decorative designs that show patterns like work zones in industrial settings. This epoxy floor system is used when you need aesthetics.
The Self Leveling Epoxy system is suitable for use in: manufacturing facilities, warehouses, exhibition halls, parking lots, kitchens, aircraft hangars, sports venues, and more.
A broader explanation of the Self Leveling floor epoxy system can be read in an article that discusses specifically about Self Leveling Epoxy

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