CV. Anugrah Muranamaru Jaya

Lift Table

Lift Table is a material handling product that has a shape like a table with a flat surface. This tool is useful for moving and lifting items. This tool has been equipped with wheels on each side so that you become easier to move loads or goods from one place and place to another. This tool does not only function on one type of load, but can also be used for all types of loads. many companies or factories believe that this tool greatly facilitates their assembly processes and other production processes. For users of this tool do not need to feel afraid because the tool uses sophisticated safety standards so it is safe to use.

LIFT TABLE MANUAL: the function of this type to transport and move the load in operation is done by manual pumping on the hydraulis. available capacity from 150 kg - 1 ton with lift height from 74 cm - 2 meters,
ELECTRIC LIFT TABLE: the latest innovation of the type of manual type of lifting one has been equipped with modern technology in the hydraulic system where each operation is carried out in full electric. available capacity starts with 500 kg - 4 tons with lift height starting 86 cm - 1.4 meters.

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