CV. Anugrah Muranamaru Jaya

Drum Handler

Drum Handler is a special lifting tool that is used in drum arrangement activities. It has strong grip so that it can lift and move large-capacity steel and plastic drums using hydraulic power. Can be operated easily and safely and the drum can be rotated 360 degrees to help during the pouring process.

This drum lifter / handler has a solid steel contour that provides stability during drum removal, equipped with a hydraulic hand and foot pump, this drum lifter can rotate the drum easily up to 360 degrees with the rotation method, has a rotary steering wheel for positioning drum and roller placement precision bearing load wheel as maximum stability, the drum can be gripped firmly so that it can be moved as well as poured contents in the drum, this tool is very suitable as an iron, steel, plastic and gallon fiber horizontal conveyor on the shelves, besides drum transport It also has an ergonomic design that makes drum stacker easy, safe and simple to use anywhere. The use of this tool is considered very necessary in the company's operational activities to support work productivity and ease the burden on operators.

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