CV. Anugrah Muranamaru Jaya

Aerial Work Platform

The Aerial Work Platform, which is a lifting tool that functions as an order picker, is to reach a height that is difficult to reach manually with a higher lift power than an aerial order picker. This type has 2 variations, namely Single Person (for one operator) and Two Person (for two operators). The Aerial Work Platform is operated in full electric system with a high security standard on each platform, allowing operators to easily complete operational activities above the height, such as cleaning the glass of the building, revamping the roof, renovating, repairing street lights, installing billboards and still many uses others.

The Aerial Work Platform Electric Ladder is suitable for reaching high altitudes because the lift is quite high, reaching 6 meters - 16 meters. Light weight air platform, very good for low floor capacity and flat concrete floor. The platform is operated by being lifted and lowered using hydraulics and the driving mast is made of strong lightweight aluminum. There is also a stabilizer bar that functions to pull the platform down during operation and equipped with an emergency button to stop automatically when an error occurs and according to standard safety, there is a battery charging indicator and an alarm that shows the voltage indicator, brake, automatic lock button, tilt sensor and has an ergonomic design.

This type is equipped with four wheels in each unit, two fixed rotates and the other two are arranged manually by the operator to determine the desired position. This tool is designed not to transport goods, usually the load that can be transported on one platform is only limited or equivalent to the burden of 1-2 operators only. The lightweight alluminium platform load makes it very suitable for use in all types of areas both indoor (indoor) and outdoor (outdoor)

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